Tax Relief Programs In Arizona

There are several tax relief programs currently available to residents of Arizona that can be greatly beneficial to them if they are suffering due to their unpaid tax bills. If you are one of the citizens that have recently been victimized by a financially devastating tax situation (i.e., have your home seized, have your wages garnished, been ordered to repay taxes, etc.) there are certainly a number of tax relief options now available to you. In particular, some of these options may make a big difference in the immediate future while others might not provide a temporary solution at all. In either case, however, you will likely find that there are tax-relief services available to assist you in getting out from under your financial burden.Get a Free Consultation on Tax Relief

One of the most common tax relief services offered by Arizona tax professionals and organizations is the preparation of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (“IVA”). An IVA is a legally binding contract that allows taxpayers to work out payment arrangements with the IRS on their own or with the help of a tax professional. In order to qualify for an individual voluntary arrangement, a taxpayer must prove to the IRS that he or she will be able to repay the balance of his or her taxes through a set amount of monthly payments. Generally, a higher percentage of the total income to be owed is used for the purpose of paying back taxes. In order for a taxpayer to qualify for an IVA, he or she must also convince the IRS that the monthly payments will not only provide him or her enough money to pay his or her taxes but also allow him or her to do so without adversely affecting his or her standard of living.

Although an IVA is a legally binding agreement, taxpayers who agree to an IVA should be aware that this option does not prevent them from seeking further tax relief. The terms of the IVA are generally agreed upon between the taxpayer and the IRS before a final ruling is made. In some cases, taxpayers may choose to file a motion to vacate or dissolve the IVA if they feel the IRS has improperly treated them. Specifically, taxpayers can challenge the tax-debt relief provided by the IVA by pointing out that, although they have signed the agreement, it does not mean that they agree with the terms of the agreement. In addition to a legal filing, taxpayers may also want to consider hiring an Arizona tax lawyer to represent them in any proceedings with the IRS.

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